Heirloom portraits that celebrate beauty and capture a moment in time.

I believe every woman should exist in photographs.

What I Believe

That might seem like a silly statement, but think about the women in your life: do you see them in the photos on the walls of their homes? Maybe they’re pictured with their children or their spouse—but do you ever see them front and center? Sadly, women are often worried they will be judged or seen as vain for taking the time to have their portraits taken. It’s my goal to break that stigma and help every woman see the beauty she carries within.

I’m a San Antonio Portrait photographer who believes in empowering women by unleashing their confidence and capturing their beauty. 

Meet Melissa

Imagine this: a day of pampering in my downtown portrait studio with your very own professional stylist doing your hair and makeup, while you sip mimosas, listen to music, and then enjoy a magazine style photoshoot fit for a celebrity. Worried about how to dress or pose? Don’t worry, girl, I guide you through everything!

Don’t think you're ready for your own photoshoot? You’re not alone! These are things I hear women say all the time!

“I’m not                  ."


“I’m not               enough.”


“I just need to                      .”

Lose Weight

Guess what? Every woman who comes through my door has the same reservations, including the women featured on this site.

Let me tell you, girl: it's not your job to be “photogenic” or “good in front of a camera.” It's my job to help you through your entire photo shoot, and my mission is simple: to take the most beautiful photo you’ve ever seen of yourself. I am here for you and I want to invite you to love yourself again, or possibly for the first time!

I want to change the way you see yourself. I invite you to a personal consultation with me to learn what this is all about.

My Process

Throughout the whole process—from our first consultation call to your portrait delivery—I want you to feel comfortable and cared for. I will hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you have the luxury portrait experience you’ve always dreamed of. From styling your shoot, to choosing outfits and accessories, to selecting your prints and albums—I will be there to guide you, pamper you, and make you feel like the queen you are.

The Simple Process

Throughout the whole process—from our first consultation call to your portrait delivery—I want you to feel comfortable and cared for.



Let's Chat! I'd love to hear your vision of how you want to be photographed; you can ask me any questions during this time.


Style Consultation

Once your session is booked, we will meet for your in-home style consultation where we'll plan the details of your photoshoot from what to wear to hair and makeup inspiration, and posing.


Luxury Photoshoot

Get pampered while my hair and makeup artist makes sure you look glamorous. I guide you through all the posing to make sure you look your best.


Ordering Session

We will view your gorgeous images together in the comfort of your home! You only purchase the images you're in love with.


portrait delivery

I personally deliver all portraits and products to my clients' homes to ensure absolute perfection for your treasured heirlooms.